2016 School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

All are welcome to attend.
For further information please contact biolhospa@uq.edu.au


15 April l Dr Marcel Klaassen l Deakin University  
Room 139 Goddard Building (8) 3pm

Dr Marcel KlaassenMigratory birds in jeopardy: on climate change and AIV culprits
Migrants are particularly hard hit by global change processes. Migrants rely on a chain of sites rather than a single site during their annual cycle, increasing their chances of becoming victim to anthropogenic environmental change, an issue elaborately addressed by members of the School of Biological Sciences at UQ.
But also climate change has a profound impact on the migrants’ behavior, population dynamics and habitus, as I will illustrate for shorebirds breeding in the Arctic where climate change is particularly noticeable.
Although thus requiring our utmost conservation efforts, the migrants’ implied role in the spread and dynamics of Avian Influenza Virus does not facilitate their protection. Taking an unconventional stand I will evaluate the evidence and hope to downplay the potential role that migrants may play in the next influenza pandemic.


8 April l Dr Rick Harrison l Cornell University
Room 139 Goddard Building (8) 3pm

Differential introgression and the ‘genic’ view of species


18 March l Dr Michael Brett l University of Washington
Room 139 Goddard Building (8) 3pm

The use of dietary biomarkers and Bayesian models to establish trophic linkages in aquatic food webs


11 March l Dr John Terborgh l Duke University
Room 139 Goddard Building (8) 3pm

Dissecting Nature: the Lago Guri Islands or how predation regulates diversity


4 March l Dr Kaori Yoneyama l Utsunomiya University
Room 139 Goddard Building (8) 3pm

Strigolactone story