Name Research
Prof Sassan Asgari Insect virology, RNAi, host-pathogen interactions
A/Prof Andy Barnes Aquatic animal health
A/Prof Nigel Beebe Molecular evolution and distribution of mosquitoes
Prof Christine Beveridge Control of plant development
Dr Simon Blomberg Lecturer/Consultant in Statistics
Prof Mark Blows Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics
Dr David Booth Energetics and biology of incubation in reptiles and birds
Prof Steve Chenoweth Genomics, adaptation and behaviour
A/Prof Lyn Cook Molecular phylogenetics and evolution of Australian biota
A/Prof Tom Cribb Helminth parasites of wildlife
Prof Bernie Degnan Evolution and development; Molecular marine biology and biotechnology
A/Prof Sandie Degnan Ecological and evolutionary functional genomics in marine invertebrates
A/Prof Sophie Dove Photobiology of reefs & their ability to endure future climate scenarios
Dr John Dwyer Ecology and restoration of plant communities
A/Prof Paul Ebert Molecular toxicology, metabolism and longevity of invertebrates
Dr Jan Engelstädter Evolutionary biology of genetic systems and host-parasite interactions
A/Prof Rod Fensham Quantitative field ecology
A/Prof Diana Fisher Mammal ecology, conservation and behaviour
Prof Craig Franklin Ecophysiology and conservation of fish, frogs and reptiles
A/Prof Bryan Fry Venom evolution and genetics: molecular biology and biotechnology 
Prof Richard Fuller Biodiversity and conservation in a human-dominated world
A/Prof Michael Furlong Biological control and insect pest management
A/Prof Anne Goldizen Vertebrate behaviour, social systems and conservation
Dr John Hall Plant-animal interactions and the teaching of ecology
Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg Coral reef ecosystems
Dr Karyn Johnson Molecular virology and host:virus interactions
A/Prof Salit Kark
Biodiversity, conservation priorities and invasive species
Dr Louise Kuchel Communication of science, scientific reasoning and critical thinking
Dr Janet Lanyon Conservation, biology and ecology of large marine vertebrates
Prof Catherine Lovelock Coastal plant processes
Prof Margie Mayfield Plant community ecology
Dr Katrina McGuigan Evolutionary biology
A/Prof David Merritt Insect developmental biology and physiology
Prof Peter Mumby Coral reef resilience
A/Prof Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos Plant evolutionary genetics
Prof John Pandolfi Marine palaeoecology
Prof Hugh Possingham Pure and applied population ecology
A/Prof Cynthia Riginos Marine evolutionary genetics
Dr Steve Salisbury Vertebrate palaeontology and biomechanics
Dr Milos Tanurdzic Plant development and genomics, chromatin biology and epigenetics
A/Prof Ian Tibbetts Ecology and biology of fishes
Dr Berndt van Rensburg Processes underlying patterns in the distribution of biodiversity
Prof Gimme Walter Adaptation and its ecological consequences
Dr Pat Ward Applications of statistical methodology to biological data
Dr Selina Ward Coral reef ecology and physiology
Dr Vera Weisbecker Evolutionary developmental biology of land vertebrates
Prof Kerrie Wilson Conservation ecology
A/Prof Robbie Wilson Integrative ecologist
Prof Meron Zalucki The study of insect abundance and distribution



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