Adjunct Staff
Dr Robert Adlard
Dr Madeleine Bottrill
Dr Dana Burfeind
Dr Blake Chapman
Prof Zena Dinesen
Prof Terry Done
Dr Lucinda Douglass
Dr Edward Game
Dr Michelle Gleeson
Dr Matthew Gordos
Dr Hedley Grantham
Dr Liana Joseph
Dr William Loh
Dr Reinaldo Lourival
Prof John Lucas
Ms Tara Martin
Dr Eric Peterson
Dr Matthew Phillips
Dr Tracy Rout
Dr David Schlipalius
Prof Peter Walker
Prof Max Whitten

Current Position/ Employer
Head of Marine Zoology, Queensland Museum
Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation, Conservation International
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Australian Rivers Institute
Vet Technician, Underwater World
Principal Policy Officer, DEEDI
Principal Research Scientist, Australian Institute of Marine Science
Conservation & GIS Consultant, Centre for Conservation Geography
Conservation Planning Specialist, The Nature Conservancy
Director, Bugs Ed. Queensland
Senior Conservation Manager, Industry & Investment NSW (Fisheries)
Director of Spatial Analysis and Planning, Conservation International
David H. Smith Research Fellow, Wildlife Conservation Society
Lecturer, Bond University
Assistant Director, Wildlife Conservation Society, Brazil
Emeritus Professor, James Cook University
Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology
Postdoc, University of Melbourne
Scientist, DEEDI
Australian Animal Health Lab, Geelong

Affiliated Academic Staff
Nigel Brothers
Bronwen Cribb
A/Prof Jennifer Ovenden

Current Position
Affiliate Associate Professor
Affiliated Senior Lecturer, CMM
Principal Research Scientist & Head Molecular Fisheries Lab, DEEDI


Honorary Staff
Richard Barnes
Yvonne Buckley
Milani Chaloupka
Harold Clifford
Gordon Gordh
Rosanna Griffith-Mumby
Gordon Grigg
Alexandra Grutter
Thomas Huelsken
Dean Jacobson
Barrie Jamieson
Jiro Kikkawa
Bob Lester
Erik Meijaard
David Moriarty
Hugh Paterson
John Raven
Severino Salmo
Greg Skilleter
Eric Treml
James Watson
Boyd Wright
Hon Prof Richard Zimmer

Current Position
Honorary Research Fellow
Honorary Professor
Honorary Associate Professor
Emeritus Professor
Honorary Professor
Honorary Research Adviser
Emeritus Professor
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Honorary Fellow
Honorary Fellow
Emeritus Professor
Emeritus Professor
Emeritus Professor
Honorary Senior Fellow
Honorary Professor
Emeritus Professor
Honorary Professor
Honorary Fellow
Honourary Associate Professor
Honorary Research Fellow
Honorary Associate Professor
Honorary Fellow
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of California



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