UQ expert assists in journal record of dwindling animal species
A University of Queensland academic has assisted in a prestigious journal's publication of a special issue about the impact humans are having on the world's animal species.
Professor Craig Franklin 11/07/2012

Crabs will fake it to avoid a fight
Dr Robbie Wilson, Head of the Performance Lab at UQ, where this study was conducted, said the research identified more than just some crabby behaviour.
Dr Robbie Wilson 14/05/2012

Grand challenge of food security
Associate Professors Gimme Walter and Paul Ebert have been awarded $3 million from the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund administered by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.
Associate Professor Gimme Walter & Associate Professor Paul Ebert - May 2012

Satellite tagging cassowaries for more efficient mangement
Wildlife researchers say they are making the cassowary conservation dollar go further by tracking the birds with satellite tags.
Hamish Campbell 24/04/2012

Students reveal Great Barrier Reef biodiversity
Undergraduate students from The University of Queensland's School of Biological Sciences have embarked on a project to document the unique biodiversity that exists in Australia's coral reefs.
Professor Bernie Degnan 23/04/2012

Rangers to study the engangered quoll
For ecologist Dr Robbie Wilson, the invitation to work on Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory, was the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to collaborate with Indigenous rangers in remote Australia to help conserve an endangered species.
Dr Robbie Wilson - March 2012

Buried alive
Dr Pim Bongaerts from the Coral Reef Ecosystems Lab and researchers from the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis have discovered how corals can excavate themselves after becoming buried in sediment.
Dr Pim Bongaerts - March 2012

UQ scientist charmed by sea snake discovery
Scientists have discovered a new species of sea snake in the Gulf of Carpenteria, northern Australia, which is unique in having raised scales.
Associate Professor Bryan Fry 21/02/2012

Flood-ravaged turtles released in Moreton Bay
A University of Queensland biological researcher has led the Moreton Bay release of four turtles that suffered starvation and illness from the January floods.
Dr Kathy Townsend 1/12/2011

Delving into the secret world of the koala
Cryptic animals are problematic subjects and unlikely choices for testing evolutionary theory, but the koala has turned out to be anything but dull in this regard.
Bill Ellis - November 2011

Koala calls reveal male size
Researchers from The University of Queensland and the University of Vienna have found that the bellowing sound male koalas make can communicate their size to a potential mate.
Dr Bill Ellis 30/09/2011

Danger lurking below the sand
A voracious predator that devours prey larger than itself has been found lurking beneath Queensland's golden sandy beaches.
Thomas Huelsken 28/07/2011

Keeping turtles on track
A PhD student with a passion for protecting Queensland's biodiversity is helping secure the future of the Mary River turtle after recently releasing over 20 juvenile turtles into the wild as part of ongoing research.
Mariana Di Campbell 16/06/2011

$25m barramundi industry to reap benefits of new vaccine
Researchers from The University of Queensland have developed a reliable typing system for infections in barramundi that will have vaccines rapidly implemented in the industry.
Associate Professor Andy Barnes 19/08/2010

The origin of animals and disease found on The Great Barrier Reef
Professor Bernard Degnan from UQ's School of Biological Sciences has led an international team of scientists to sequence the genome of the first marine animal from Australian waters.
Professor Bernie Degnan 04/08/2010

UQ dugong researcher unlocking mysteries of species
UQ dugong researcher Elizabeth Burgess has been awarded a Queensland-Smithsonian Fellowship 2010.
Elizabeth Burgess 17/06/2010

UQ research hopes to save threatened wallabies
Preservation of Australia's smallest and most threatened animal is in the hands of postgraduate student Kristin Donaldson from UQ's School of Biological Sciences.
Kristin Donaldson 21/05/2010

Sea sponges busted by UQ researchers
When it comes to sex, sea sponges are certainly not monogamous.
Karin Maritz 31/03/2009

UQ researcher uncovers koalas' creature comforts
UQ Master of Science student Maren Dammann is aiming to uncover what makes a koala's wish list when it comes to choosing a place to live.
Maren Dammann 11/03/2009


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