Experimental projects start with a question and use scientific methods to complete the research. They conclude with a report detailing the results. Research should make a significant contribution to a body of knowledge.

Topics, methods of investigation, and modes of presentation vary between disciplines. Typically, students announce a problem that they wish to solve, survey background information to define and explain the problem, and present evidence and reasoning in support of a thesis or hypothesis. The student's work culminates in a scientific experiment, report, scholarly publications or a product.

An Honours project is completed over ten months, whereas a PhD will take between three to five years. The project can focus on any topic of the student's choosing.

Summer Undergraduate Research projects are an excellent opportunity to conduct research with an academic supervisor during the summer months. The program offers students the opportunity to become immersed in a research topic full-time for a ten-week period. Summer students are able to apply for a stipend through the Faculty of Science. Stipends are awarded on academic merit and are open to students completing an undergraduate degree at any University.

The School supports the Winter Research Program and available projects are available at the Winter Research Projects page.

Our academics have provided a list of research projects that have current funding in their laboratories. This is not a definitive list of projects so if you have an idea for a project you would like to work on, contact the academic whose area of research overlaps with your interests.



Available Student Projects - more information

Winter Research Program

If you're an undergraduate, honours or masters by coursework student, why not apply for UQ's Winter Research Program? In 2018, the program will run for a minimum of four weeks between mid-June and mid-July and students will work on a researc...
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