Carol Law (The University of Hong Kong) - "My exchange study wouldn’t be perfect without BIOL 2001. It was just great to give me an overall view of Australia’s unique environment and wildlife. The lectures are rich in contents and interactive. The lecturers and tutors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about teaching. The field trips are well integrated and relaxing, especially the Fraser Island trip. All these make the most enjoyable course I have ever had. It is not just a time to learn, but also a time to have fun and meet international friends. Don’t hesitate anymore. It will surely become your favorite course!!"



Kristen Kwiecien (University of New Hampshire) - "Deciding to take Australia’s Terrestrial Environment was one of the best decisions I could have made, and was by far my favorite class at UQ. I knew I always wanted to teach but as a psychology major I was also aware I wasn’t going to have a specialty to give me the edge I needed in the classroom. Thanks to this course I’ve really been inspired to become more involved with Biology courses at my home University and share many of my hands-on experiences with my future students. I truly learned the most from this course by participating in the optional course field-trips. I highly recommend that everyone should go on the Fraser Island field trip – it was by far the most memorable experience I had in Australia. Take this course – you will learn so much about the wonders of Australia’s flora and fauna, make close friends, and have a blast learning some remarkable stories from your lecturers."



Jaclyn Fowler (University of California) - "I HIGHLY recommend any study abroad student to take BIOL2001. Its field trips offer awesome opportunities to travel to some of Australia's most pristine locations, allowing each student to learn about the land and its biodiversity in a hands-on and friendly environment. Personally, I decided to travel to Australia so I could learn more about its unique animal populations. Lectures for this course are held by various experts in their field, so not only is the material relevant to becoming more well-rounded in your knowledge of Oz, but also provides you with an insight into some of the best research and information available about this country and its diverse flora and fauna. The tutors and lecturers are very approachable, and on field trips, they definitely look out for the students so that they're having loads of fun while learning. Really, it's the perfect course to take while studying in an unfamiliar place."



Katrine Kongshavn, Mira Mykletun and Julia Endresen Storesund ( The University of Bergen, Norway) - "Being Norwegian biology students, we were not quite sure what to expect from BIOL2001, given that it had no prerequisites. It turned out to be great! The lectures offered an in-depth understanding of this amazing country, and all the lecturers were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Also, the field trips were amazing, especially Fraser Island! We would highly recommend this course to any international students.


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