Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts (Director, Centre for Marine Science), Mr James Goodman (Director Goodman Foundation)
Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts (Director, Centre for Marine Science), Mr James Goodman (Director Goodman Foundation)

To celebrate and recognise the Goodman Foundation's generous annual support of marine research in Moreton Bay since 2011, the Centre for Marine Science hosted a special seminar on Thursday 16 October.

Past scholarship recipients showcased the range of high quality research which has resulted from the Foundation's gifts.
Speakers from the School of Biological Sciences and the Global Change Institute presented research on climate change, conservation of migratory shorebirds and invasive species.
Director of The University of Queensland’s Centre for Marine Science, Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts, said the Goodman family and friends were very impressed by the advances in the knowledge of Moreton Bay that their support had fostered.
“This was an excellent event that clearly highlights the productive research that private donations can achieve for targeted outputs,” Dr Tibbetts said.
“Not only has Goodman Foundation support enhanced our understanding of important processes in Moreton Bay, it has also resulted in important research training opportunities for UQ graduate students.”
Mrs Meta Goodman, Goodman Foundation Board member, attended the event.
“Our guests were pleased to share the day with us,” she said.
“They all have connections to UQ and to Moreton Bay and were interested in the work that the University does in the area”.
The event was attended by members of the Goodman Foundation Board, invited guests and representatives from the Faculty of Science, the School of Biological Sciences, the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management and the Global Change Institute.

 Goodman family with Prof Ian Gentle

Ms Meta Goodman (Director Goodman Foundation), Professor Ian Gentle (Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Science), Mr John Goodman (Director Goodman Foundation), Ms Jill Goodman.


Friends of the Goodman Foundation

Mr Tony Love (Old Salt and Moreton Bay enthusiast), Ms Margot Love, Ms Faileen James (Independent Director of the Goodman Foundation), Mr Bruce Button.


UQ students and researchers

Ms Kiran Dhanjal-Adams (PhD candidate, Goodman Foundation grant recipient, Possingham Lab), Jeremy Ringma (PhD candidate, Fuller Lab), Dr Megan Saunders (postdoctoral researcher, GCI), Mr Scott Atkinson (Research Assistant, Biological Sciences), Dr Elisa Bayraktarov (Postdoctoral Research Assistant, GCI), Dr Richard Fuller (Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences).

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