All hardware and software problems should be logged through  UQ ITS Help Desk

If your computer is under warranty and you believe the fault is hardware related, it might be quicker to contact the manufacturer yourself. You will probably need the

  • serial number of the machine
  • original purchase details.

Due to Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, we are not permitted to open any computers. Therefore all we can offer for hardware faults is diagnosis. The computer would then have to be forwarded either back to the manufacturer or to Tech Services here at the University.

Users on Apple computers access the same data storage facilities as PC users.

The only difference is that:

  • Apple computer - shortcut is created on the desktop,
  • PC - a location is created under "My Network Places".

Someone switching back and forth between an Apple and a PC would see the same data. For more information, go to ITSwebpage and use the search facility using keywords such as "Apple" and "My Network Places".

For editing (including updates to staff intranet information) please contact:

Gail Walter
Phone: (07) 3365 7082

An email list allows you to send one email to a list of email addresses.

There are two categories of email lists available for BIOL use. These are:

School lists:

  • are moderated - approval is required before the email will be sent on to the members of the list.
  • have controlled membership - if you are not receiving emails from the School email lists, please contact the Help Desk. The lists are:
    • Biology Everyone
    • Biology Social
    • Biology Academics - academic staff only
    • Biology General - professional staff only
    • Biology postgrads
    • Biology honours

Research group lists

These lists have a looser structure. They are also moderated, but the criteria for list membership and subscription is up to the specific research group.

Click here for a list of lists.

UQ Information Technology Services provides informaton on:

Please visit the ITS website for full information on other services that are provided.

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