Prof Bernie Degnan

  • Understanding the evolutionary origin of animal multicellularity through the study of the sponge genome and development
  • How to make a sea shell: molecular genetic basis of patterning and biofabrication of molluscan and other animal skeleton

A/Prof David Merritt

  • Nervous system development in Drosophila

Dr Katrina McGuigan

  • Developmental changes in fish swimming and morphology
  • What are the fitness costs of being a fast swimmer?
  • Genetic variation in speed-temperatures relationships

Dr Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos

  • Divergence in microRNAs in a hybrid zone
  • Population genomics of adaptive radiations
  • Seed size and coexistence of sympatric species
  • Molecular population genetics of biochemical pathways during parallel evolution

Dr Vera Weisbecker

  • Understanding the impact of different temperature regimes on the development and adult morphology of water dragons?
  • Eco-Evo-Devo of geckos vs. pygopods: Limb loss, paedomorphosis, and how quickly can development change?
  • Brain development in altricial vs. precocial rodents do guinea pig brains grow differently to rat brains?
  • Evolution of the marsupial vertebral column: using cutting-edge 3D geometric morphometrics to test whether development trumps function


* Research projects for PhD/MPhil students only




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