Dr Sassan Asgari

  • Investigating the role of microRNAs in host-pathogen interactions
  • Anti-viral responses in mosquito vectors
  • Host manipulation by endosymbionts

Dr David Booth

  • Investigations of the influence of temperature on the energetics of development of insects
  • Thermal biology of insects

Dr Lyn Cook

  • Species richness and diversity of gall-inducing scale insects.
  • Modelling distribution and host-use in eucalypt leaf beetles.
  • Understanding host-use in galling insects
  • Coevolution of endosymbionts and scale insects
  • Are caves refugia for glowworms? (with Dave Merritt)

Dr Jan Engelstädter

  • Wolbachia endosymbiont infections in insects and arachnids
  • Models of host-parasite coevolution with parthenogenetic hosts

Dr Mike Furlong

  • Biological control of insect pests (predator-prey interactions, microbial agents for the biological control of insects, interactions between insect natural enemies)
  • Plant-insect tri-trophic interactions (herbivore induced plant defences, chemical ecology of plant-parasitoid interactions)
  • Parasitoid behavioural and nutritional ecology (food provision for adult parasitoids to enhance insect pest control, parasitoid foraging behaviour, host selection by egg parasitoids)

Dr Karyn Johnson

  • Molecular interactions between Drosophila and viruses 
  • Wolbachia induced antiviral protection of insects

A/Prof David Merritt

  • The regulation of light output by glow-worms
  • The neurobiology of foraging behaviour in flies
  • Are caves refugia for glowworms? (with Lyn Cook)

A/Prof Gimme Walter

  • Generalist herbivores and their interactions with host plants
  • How do volatile chemicals and vision influence host plant relationships of herbivores?
  • Investigating host relationships for biological control (herbivores or parasitoids)
  • Cryptic species complexes and sexual communication in insects
  • Chemical ecology of a generalist coccinellid beetle species (suitable for honours with the possibility of extension into a PhD)
  • Sound communication and population genetics a generalist bug
  • Population and germination ecology of Macrozamia cycads that have dual pollinators (thrips and weevils)
  • Host relationships and host searching behaviour of parasitic wasps that attack pest beetles associated with grain storage- host specificity and searching efficiency (with Qld DAFF)
  • Insect pollination in a reputed hybrid swarm of arid zone plants (Senna artemisioides)
  • Molecular analyses of glyphosate resistance in weeds
    • Novel imaging techniques to track herbicide movement within plants
    • Do jumping genes cause glyphosate resistance in Windmill grass?
  • Microhabitat preferences of Scirtothrips aurantii: implications for effective biological control of mother-of-millions on the western Darling Downs
  • Responses to Scirtothrips aurantii to environmental pressure changes- how do tiny insects cope with intense rain?
  • How do specific pollinators of cycads interact with different cycad species?
  • Promiscuous beetles- does mating order impact on paternal success of is female choice at play?
  • Identifying the provenance of invasive weeds (with Qld DAFF)
  • An investigation of the dynamic relationships of an insect pest and its secondary bacterial endosymbiont communities

Prof Myron Zalucki

  • Pollen feeding in adult Lepidoptera: getting a nitrogen fix
  • Food utilisation efficiency in neonates of a polyphagous caterpillar
  • Optimal foraging in Lepidopteran larvae - or sabotaging the right meal size
  • Egg size and survival of first instar caterpillars on host plants
  • Population dynamics and resource use - is there empty suitable habitat for folivorous insects?
  • *Metapopulation dynamics and the matrix revisited


* Research projects for PhD/MPhil students only

**All of these projects are associated with funded projects and are eligible for top-ups (for students with an APA). Some are eligible for scholarship applications through CRC for Plant Biosecurity ($30K per yr for 3.5 yr + 2.5K travel).




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