$3.47 to tackle pest & disease across the Pacific
The University of Queensland is heading an international collaboration to further the sustainable development of high-value crops in the Pacific Islands.
Dr Mike Furlong - March 2012

Worm scanning speeds research
Scientists from The University of Queensland's School of Biological Sciences have developed a simplified, cheaper, all-purpose method they say can be used by scientists around the globe to more easily count the blind worms (Caenorhabditis elegans or C.elegans).
Ebert Lab 29/03/2012

UQ scientist charmed by sea snake discovery
Scientists have discovered a new species of sea snake in the Gulf of Carpenteria, northern Australia, which is unique in having raised scales.
Associate Professor Bryan Fry 21/02/2012

Whistle blowing on deceptive sporting behaviour
The School has received a generous bequest of $282,000 from the estate of the late John Patrick Salisbury. Mr Salisbury was an accountant who graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from UQ in 1964.
Dr Robbie Wilson November - 2011

Plant branching hormone discovered
In an important breakthrough, plant biologists have identified a hormone that plays a key role in determining the size and shape of plants.
Professor Christine Beveridge 08/07/2011

UQ students name and describe insect species
Third-year Biological Sciences students at The University of Queensland have applied their knowledge from the classroom to name and describe a species of gall insect; Apiomorpha nookara.
Dr Cook Lab 17/11/2011

The origin of animals and disease found on The Great Barrier Reef
Professor Bernard Degnan from UQ's School of Biological Sciences has led an international team of scientists to sequence the genome of the first marine animal from Australian waters.
Professor Bernie Degnan 04/08/2010

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