Over the years the School has acquired an international reputation for excellence and enterprise. We are in the top 50 universities globally for research productivity in plant and animal biology, and ecology and environmental biology, attracting researchers of world standing in a range of disciplines, with international leaders in many diverse fields.

The School has more than 60 postdoctoral researchers working in a range of disciplines and recognises these scholars as fundamental to our research endeavours. One of the objectives of our School is to recruit, retain and develop high quality researchers by utilising competitive and non-competitive research grant opportunities.

Fellowships and Awards

Fellowships for International Researchers
Endeavour Australia Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
ARC Linkage International Fellowships
World Wildlife Fund Fellowship

UQ Postdoctoral Fellowships and Awards
UQ Postdoctoral Fellowships
UQ Postdoctoral Fellowships for Women

Fellowships for Australian Residents
ARC Australian Research Fellow
ARC Australian Senior Research Fellowships
ARC Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development
ARC Discovery Projects
ARC Federation Fellow
ARC Future Fellowships
ARC Professorial Fellow
ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellow
CSIRO Fellowships
EarthWatch Goldring Marine Emerging Scientist Fellowship
NHMRC Career Development Award
NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellowship
NHMRC Research Fellowship
PEW Charitable Trusts Fellowship
Queensland Government Smart State Future Fellow
World Wildlife Fund Fellowship

Postgraduate Scholarships for Australian Students

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
Australian Postgraduate Award Industry (APAI)
UQ Research Scholarship (UQRS)
UQ Advantage Scholarship (UQAdv)
JASON - jason.edu.au

Postgraduate Scholarships for Women

AFUW Fellowships (biennial)
AFUW Georgina Sweet Fellowship
AFUW-ACT Beryl henderson Memorial Grant
Queensland Fellowships

Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students
Full Scholarships
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
UQ International Scholarship (UQI)
UQ International Research Tuition Awards (UQIRTA)
UQ Centennial Scholarship (UQCent)
Australian Leadership Awards (ALA)
Australian Development Scholarships (ADS)
Endeavour Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Awards
Endeavour Australian Cheung Kong Research Fellowships
Endeavour Australia-Europe Postgraduate Student Awards
Prime Minister's Australian Asia Endeavour Awards
Supplementary/Top up Scholarships
American Australian Association Fellowships for Postgraduate or Postdoctoral research

Fellowships for International Researchers
Endeavour Australia Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Home Country Loan & Scholarship Schemes
Institute of International Education
Canada Student Loans Program
UK Study Abroad Scholarships

Postgraduate Scholarships for Overseas
These awards are intended for Australian Students who wish to undertake postgraduate study overseas (outside of Australia). Scholarships are listed according to the country in which they are offered.

Useful resources for study and scholsrships overseas include: IDP Education Australia; International Education Financial Aid; Universities Worldwide; Universities in Europe; The Erasmus Mundus Programme.

If your study destination is specifically Europe, the "Australians - Study in Europe" website offers comprehensive information.

Various Countries
Australian Fellowship of University Women Queensland Fellowships
Australian Pacific Leadership Program Fellowships
Churchill Fellowships
Dunlop Asia Fellowships