Postgraduate Visiting Scholar Program

The BIOL Postgraduate Visiting Scholar Program aims to bring a leading scientist, within the broad area of biological sciences to our school. The initiative provides an annual opportunity for BIOL postgraduate students to host an international academic for 1 week, to facilitate communication and discussion of our science with an international guest.

The BIOL Postgraduate Representatives organise the BIOL Visiting Scholar Program which is sponsored by the Head Of School strategic funds.

The BIOL Visiting Scholar Program involves the entire BIOL community (postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, academics and staff) through nominations of potential invitees. BIOL postgraduate students then vote for a candidate from a short list of nominees provided by the postgraduate representatives, and postgraduate representatives organize the 1-week visit. The visiting academic usually presents two BIOL seminars, multiple workshops for postgraduate students, and meets with BIOL postgraduates and research groups throughout their visit.

The initiative aims to invite:

  • International academics

  • Established experts in a broad field of study

  • Up and comers in an exciting field

  • Somebody publishing new and exciting results or techniques

  • An approachable, enthusiastic individual

  • A great speaker/presenter

Past Visiting Academics

  • Professor Fred Allendorf, Regents Professor, University of Montana (October 2010)

  • Dr Peter Chesson, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona (June 2009)

  • Dr Matthew LeBreton, International Associate/Assistant Researcher, University of California, Los Angeles (November 2007)

  • Professor Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Population Studies and Conservation Biology at Stanford University (November 2006)

  • Dr Svata Louda, Professor in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska (August 2005)

  • Dr Verena Tunnicliffe, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Deep Ocean Research (September 2004)

  • Dr Mike Bruford, Head of the Biodiversity and Ecological Processes Research Group at Cardiff University (March 2003)


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