The UQIC has a substantial holding of Australian and Pacific mosquito specimens, both adult and larvae. This fine collection has been developed around the substantial contribution of Dr Elizabeth "Pat" Marks. Pat Marks also contributed financially to the curation of this collection after her retirement.

The long-term curation of specimens held in the UQIC has yielded important data over time, including distribution ranges, seasonal ecology and biting behaviour of mosquitoes that occur in Queensland and in other Australian states. Data for known arbovirus vector mosquito species from the UQIC is graphically presented on this website. Other species of mosquitoes in Queensland are also included. Some of these are likely to be arbovirus vectors, as we get to know the insects and diseases better. Also, it is important that non-vectors be differentiated from vectors, as each mosquito species is specific in its vector capacity, biting behaviour and ecology.

An Atlas of Common Queensland Mosquitoes

This interactive key, powered by Lucid Phoenix, is a revised edition of the original key by E. N. Marks. It has been expanded to include important vector species that also occur, or have been recorded, in Queensland. It now includes 35 species. It is linked to pages which have information about Queensland's mosquito species, which can also be accessed further down this page.

Note: you will need Java Virtual Machine version 1.4.2_03 or above to run this key. It can be downloaded here.

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Other reference material for this site

 Marks, E. N. (1982).  An atlas of common Queensland mosquitoes with a guide to common Queensland biting midges by E. I. J. Reye.  Revised Edition. Queensland Institute for Medical Research.

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