We work with many institutions around the world such as

  • Working with Stanford University to deliver their Australian Coastal Studies program which takes students to travel from the Daintree Rainforest to Sydney whilst completing courses in Coral Reef Ecology, Coastal Resource Management Terrestrial Ecology and Australian Studies 
  • Partnering with the University of California’s Education Abroad Program to provide students with the unique experience of immersing themselves in Marine Biology research at the University’s Heron Island and Moreton Bay Research Stations and delivering a course in Human and Terrestrial Ecology with trips to Carnarvon Gorge and Lamington National Parks
  • Supporting the Global Education Partnership between Hobart William Smith College and Union College by providing courses in Marine Ecology, Australian Culture, Terrestrial Ecology and Geology.
  • Working with Victoria University Wellington to deliver short courses in Marine Studies allowing participants to study on the Great Barrier Reef and Stradbroke Island.