Prof Christine Beveridge

  • Novel genes involved in strigolactone signalling (molecular physiology, genetics)
  • Novel genes involved in sugar responses for plant architecture (molecular physiology, genetics)
  • The role of auxin transport in affecting shoot architecture (physiology)
  • A new strigolactone that affects leaf aging/senescence but doesn’t affect architecture  (molecular physiology, genetics)
  • Strigolactone enzymes in-vitro  (mass spectrometry and biochemistry, enzymology)

Dr Milos Tanurdzic

  • Evolution of microRNA genes in polyploids. This project will investigate how microRNA genes and their targets diverge in a recent polyploid the bread wheat from its wild diploid ancestors.
  • Epigenetic silencing in wheat and RNAi. This project will investigate the relationship between small RNA and DNA methylation in wheats.
  • microRNA and plant development. You will investigate the role microRNA regulation plays in the signaling events that lead to branching in pea plants.
  • The role of small RNA in non-additive gene expression in plants
The project will determine the correlation between genes that are non-additively expressed in hybrids and the changes in small RNA populations and DNA and histone methylation patterns
  • microRNA and sex determination in plants
This is a comparative evo-devo project which will investigate how miRNA affect sex determination in ferns and how conserved this role is across the fern-gymnosperm-angiosperm lineages
  • Designer genes in plants: This project will utilize the CRISPR/Cas9 technique to induce targeted mutations in a variety of genes responsible for control of development, genome integrity, and epigenetic inheritance in a variety of model plant organisms