Your Postgraduate Representatives

PhD students volunteer to represent the voice of the postgraduate community within the School of Biological Sciences (i.e. all Honours, Masters and PhD students, both internal/external and coursework/research).

What do Postgraduate Representatives Do?

  • sit on various committees (eg. Postgraduate Committee, Teaching & Learning Committee)

  • organise meetings of our own, which currently run monthly, where we discuss problem areas or ideas that students have.

  • hold an annual Postgraduate Conference

  • organise a Postgraduate Scholar Program which involves inviting an international academic to visit our School and run Seminars and workshops in their particular field of study.

  • organise the Roof Garden, where students are welcome to come and have a few drinks and mingle with other students. It is a time to wind down at the end of the week and catch up with colleagues.

There are many other social events within the School that the pg reps organise or volunteer their help for. Through the School Committee's and Postgrad Rep meetings, students have a strong voice to present a case for any improvements they need. The School has always had a pro-active graduate student community. We encourage new students to become involved in such issues. If you have any problems (supervisor, school administration, funding bodies), questions, maybe an idea, or would like to be a postgraduate rep, then please contact us



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