Our School has broad expertise across ecology and evolution, molecular and quantitative genetics, palaeobiology, developmental biology, behaviour, plant and animal physiology, and conservation biology. Our research programs involve a diverse array of taxa, ranging across microbes, animals and plants, including a particular focus in the areas of marine biology and entomology. Unique opportunities for biological research are provided by our proximity to a stunning array of marine and terrestrial subtropical habitats and their endemic biodiversity. A number of research programs in the School take advantage of major model-organism systems, including Drosophila, C. elegans, and Arabidopsis, and many include a strong quantitative and modelling focus. Investigations and ground breaking research topics currently being undertaken by members of the School in the broad areas of food security, environment and health can been seen here.

The diagram below represents our current staff and where their expertise is located across the spectrum of our key research disciplines. Click on an individual’s name to see their profile page.

Kark Dwyer Engelstädter McGuigan van Rensburg Tanurdzic Weisbecker Fry Beveridge Ebert Asgari Beebe Chenoweth B.Degnan Johnson Merritt T.Cribb B.Cribb Salisbury Mayfield Ortiz-Barrientos White Blomberg Booth R.Wilson Franklin Kuchel Cook Walter Zalucki Fisher K.Wilson Fuller Goldizen Possingham Fensham Furlong Barnes S.Degnan Riginos Pandolfi Skilleter Lanyon Tibbetts Ward Lovelock Mumby Townsend Hoegh-Guldberg Dove Blows


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2013 - ARC DECRA funding scheme results 2013 ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Funding Outcomes, Announced 5 November 2012 to commence in January 2013. ARC DECRA Recipients

ARC Discovery

2013 - ARC discovery funding scheme results The School of Biological Sciences has been awarded $1,309,000 million in new research funding to commence in 2013. 2013 ARC Discovery Funding Outcomes, Announced 5 November 2012....

ARC Future Fellows

2012 - ARC Future Fellows funding scheme results 2012 ARC Future Fellow Awards, Announced 25 July 2012. ARC Future Fellowship Award Recipients

ARC Laureate Fellows

2012 - ARC Laureate Fellows funding scheme results 2012 ARC Laureate Fellow Awards, Announced 30 July 2012. ARC Laureate Fellowship Award Recipients

ARC Linkages

2012 - ARC Linkage July results Linkage Awards - Project Summaries Prof Peter Mumby,

Excellence in Research

UQ tops the country for research excellence in Biological Sciences – again! In the recently released Excellence in Research Australia report UQ was the only university to consistently perform above or well above world standard across...


Over the years the School has acquired an international reputation for excellence and enterprise. We are in the top...

NHMRC Grant Scheme

NHMRC Project Grants funding scheme is awarded to individuals or teams of researchers undertaking the highest quality biomedical research. 2011 NHMRC Funding Scheme, Announced 12 November 2010 to commence January 2011 ...


The following is a list of research articles published by researchers in Biological Sciences. School members are presented in green print. Publications data can be further refined by author, date or keywords. Access to s...
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