PhD (James Cook University)
Position: Professor

Room: 836 Gehrmann Laboratories 60
Phone: +61 7 3365 2304


Research Interests

Research in my lab is focused on the ecology and ecophysiology of coastal plant communities. We are particularly interested in the influence of environment, including global climate change on plant community productivity and diversity. We conduct experimental work over a wide range of coastal plant communities that includes macroalgae, mangroves and cyanobacterial mat communities. Some of our current research projects include assessment of how sea level and nutrient enrichment influences mangrove and salt marsh ecosystems, how mangroves mediate exchanges between the land and sea and how metabolism of coral reefs varies over latitude.

Selected Publications

Reef R, Ball MC, Feller IC, Lovelock CE. 2010. Relationships among RNA:DNA ratio, growth and elemental stoichiometry in mangrove trees. Functional Ecology, in press.

Lovelock CE, Sorrell B, Hancock N, Hua Q, Swales A. (2010) Mangrove forest and soil development on a rapidly accreting shore in New Zealand. Ecosystems DOI:10.007/s10021-010-9329-2

Feller IC, Lovelock CE, Ball MC, Joye S, McKee KL, Berger U. 2010. Biocomplexity of mangroves. Annual Review of Marine Science 2:395–417.

Lovelock CE, Ball MC, *Martin KC, Feller IC. 2009. Nutrient enrichment increases mortality of mangroves. PloS ONE 4(5): e5600. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0005600

Lovelock CE, Feller IC, Ball MC, Ellis J, Sorrell B (2007) Testing the Growth Rate vs. Geochemical Hypothesis for latitudinal variation in plant nutrients. Ecology Letters 10: 1154–116

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