PhD (Louisiana State University)
Position: Senior Lecturer

Room: 219 Goddard Building 8
Phone: +61 7 3365 1767

Research Interests

How do species originate? What genetic and ecological conditions are most favourable for evolving new forms? Can species form in the face of gene flow? What is the role of the cytoplasm in creating barriers to gene flow? What are the molecular bases of genetic incompatibilities between species? Is selection the major force driving speciation?

The Ortiz-Barrientos Lab combines genetics, ecology, bioinformatics, and molecular biology to understand the origin of new plant species. We are particularly interested on the genetics of speciation with gene flow, the genetics of ecologically important traits (including those contributing to invasiveness), and the role of sexual selection in creating reproductive barriers between species. We also study gametic interactions, genomic divergence during speciation, the evolution of mating preferences, and the evolution of sex chromosomes.

Highly motivated honors and postgraduate students, and with a genuine interest in evolutionary biology, are encouraged to apply for research positions in the Ortiz-Barrientos lab. Please e-mail me with a statement of research interests, a brief CV, and the name of potential referees if you would like to be considered for a position in the lab.

Funded Projects

The genetics of replicated evolution
Grant Body: Australian Research Council
Grant Period: 20012 - 2014
Value: $472,000

Speciation and the breakdown of coevolution during hybridisation
Grant Body: Australian Research Council
Grant Period: 2009 - 2011
Value: $221,000

Does divergent natural selection drive the early stages of speciation?
Grant Body: Australian Research Council
Grant Period: 2009 - 2011
Value: $210,000

Professional Associations

  • Genetics Society of America

  • The Society for the Study of Evolution

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