PhD (Oregon), DSc (Sydney)
Position: Emeritus Professor


Research Interests

Vertebrate biology in general, particularly:

  1. Currently writing a book on Crocodylian Biology

  2. Autonomous monitoring of animal sounds (in collaboration with Andrew Taylor, University of New South Wales

  3. Thermal relations of reptiles (particularly crocodiles), monotremes (echidnas) and camels. Hibernation and torpor (echidnas).
    - Evolution of endothermy (using echidnas as a model).
    - Respiratory and cardiovascular physiology of reptiles, particularly the crocodylian heart.
    - Salt and water balance physiology of reptiles (crocodiles).

  4. Population ecology of kangaroos (aerial survey, long term trends in response to rainfall and pasture availability)

  5. Sustainable use of wildlife (kangaroos, crocodiles)

* Please note that I am no longer available to take graduate students.


Selected Publications

Grigg GC (1991) Central cardiovascular anatomy and function in Crocodilia. In "Strategies of Physiological Adaptation". Proceedings of the Kjell Johansen Memorial Symposium, edited by S Wood and R Weber. Munksgard

Grigg GC, LA Beard and M Augee (2004) The evolution of endothermy and its diversity in mammals and birds. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 77(6):982-997.

Seymour RS, Bennett-Stamper CL, Johnston S, Carrier DR and GC Grigg (2004) Evidence of endothermic ancestors of crocodiles at the stem of Archosaur evolution. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 77(6):1051-1067.

Pople, A.R., Phinn, S., Grigg, G.C., Possingham, H.P., Menke, N., & McAlpine, C.A. (2007) Spatial patterns of kangaroo density across the South Australian pastoral zone over 26 years: aggregation during drought and suggestions of long distance movement. Journal of Applied Ecology 44(5): 1068-1079.

Grigg GC, Beard LA, Dorges B, Heuke J, Coventry J, Coppock A and S Blomberg. (2009) Strategic (adaptive) hypothermia in bull dromedary camels during rut; could it increase reproductive success? Biology Letters 5(6):853-856.

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