PhD (University of Sydney)
Position: Associate Professor

Room: 118 Goddard Building 8
Phone: +61 7 3365 4819


Research Interests

  • Effects of humans on estuarine and marine biodiversity

  • Spatial arrangement of habitats and implications for aquatic biodiversity

  • Human adaptation to climate change: implications for marine biodiversity

  • Better science for the design of Marine Reserves and MPAs

  • Impacts of harvesting by humans on coastal biodiversity

Selected Publications

Banks, S.A. and G.A. Skilleter. (2010) Implementing marine reserve networks: A comparison of approaches in New South Wales (Australia) and New Zealand. Marine Policy 34(2):  pp. 197-207

Walker, S.J, Degnan, B.M., Hooper, J.N.A. and G.A. Skilleter. (2008) Will increased storm disturbance affect the biodiversity of intertidal, non-scleractinian sessile fauna on coral reefs? Global Change Biology 14: 2755-2770

Banks, S. and G.A. Skilleter. (2007) Intertidal habitat structure and the design of a system of intertidal marine reserves.  Biological Conservation.  138: 13-29

Skilleter, G.A.
, Cameron, B., Zharikov, Y., Boland, D. and D.P. McPhee. (2006) Effects of physical disturbance on infaunal and epifaunal assemblages in subtropical, intertidal seagrass beds. Marine Ecology Progress Series.  308: 61-78

Skilleter, G.A
., Loneragan, N.R., Olds, A. and Y. Zharikov.  (2005). The value of patches of intertidal seagrass to prawns depends on the proximity of patches to mangroves. Marine Biology. 147: 353-365


Professional Associations

  • Estuarine Research Federation

  • Ecological Society of Australia

  • Estuarine and Coastal Science Association

  • Australian Marine Science Association

  • Australian Coral Reef Society

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