DPhil (University of Oxford)
Position: Australian Laureate Fellow / Director ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions

Room: 267
Building: 8 Goddard Building
Phone: +61 7 3365 2527
Email: h.possingham@uq.edu.au
Web: http://www.uq.edu.au/spatialecology/hugh-possingham


Research Interests

Pure and applied population ecology
We use mathematical and statistical tools to solve problems in ecology and conservation. Lab members range from empirical ecologists to mathematicians. Recent research successes include: producing the software that rezoned the Great Barrier Reef, a new theory of optimal monitoring, advances in metapopulation theory, tests of spatial population models, decision support tools for fire, weed and pest management, protocols for optimal monitoring and decision support for setting global conservation priorities.

Our collaboraters come from all over the world including: The United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy and South America.

Selected Publications

Fuller, R. A., E. McDonald-Madden, K. A. Wilson, J. Carwardine, H. S. Grantham, J. E. M. Watson, C. J. Klein, D. C. Green and H. P. Possingham, (2010). Replacing underperforming protected areas achieves better conservation outcomes. Nature Letters: 1-3.

McDonald-Madden, E., A. Gordon, B. A. Wintle, S. Walker, H. Grantham, S. Carvalho, M. C. Bottrill, L. N. Joseph, R. Ponce, R. R. Stewart, and H. P. Possingham. (2009). "True" Conservation Progress. Science 323:43-44.

Kark, S., N. Levin, H. S. Grantham and H. P. Possingham, (2009). Between-country collaboration and consideration of costs increase conservation planning efficiency in the Mediterranean Basin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA. 106(36): 15368-15373.

Moilanen, A., Wilson, K.A. and Possingham, H.P. (2009). Spatial conservation prioritisation: Quantitative methods and computational tools. Oxford University Press.

Venter, O., J. E. M. Watson, E. Meijaard, W. F. Laurance and H. P. Possingham, (2010). Avoiding Unintended Outcomes from REDD. Conservation Biology 24(1): 5-6.

Professional Associations

  • Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

  • Chair of Biological Diversity Advisory Commitee - Federal Government

  • Chair of Ministerial Advisory Committee on Biodiversity Hotspots - Federal Government

  • Associate Editor - Ecology Letters

  • Birds Australia, Research and Conservation Committee member

  • Inaugural Chair of Biological Advisory Committee – Federal Government

  • Member, Wentworth Group

  • Invited Member, Queensland’s Smart State Council

  • Chief Editor – Conservation Letter (Wiley-Blackwell)

  • Director of the Applied Environmental Decision Analysis hub

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