PhD (University of Queensland)
Position: Associate Professor / Director of International Programs

Room: 352 Goddard Building 8
Phone: +61 7 3365 4830

Research Interests

The Biology and Ecology of Fishes

Ecology of Fishes in Water Storages
The growing urban areas of south east Queensland require extensive water infrastructure such as dams and weirs. Queensland’s largely river specialist species are being incorporated into new and dynamic ecologies in these artificial lake systems. My lab works on a wide range of topics to do with fishes in such systems and their influence on water quality as a management tool.

Grazers in Reef Systems

Herbivores are thought to play a key role in maintaining the balance between the slower growing corals and the faster growing algae. My main interest lies in tropical models of grazing relationships in systems influenced by subsistence communities (Solomon Islands) and subtropical systems influenced by urbanization (Moreton Bay).

Biology and Evolution of Beloniforms
The phylogenetic relationship among the Beloniformes (needlefish, sauries, flying fish and halfbeaks) has been a long-standing interest of mine. Using a wide range of approaches involving feeding biology, physiology, developmental biology, acoustics, digestion and anatomy I am working towards an evolutionary explanation of relationships within this group and through them developing perspectives in the evolution and adaptive advantage of other stomachlessness in fishes.

Selected Publications

Christiansen NA, Kemp A, Tibbetts IR (2010) Are the oral teeth of combtooth bennies (Salariini: Teleostei) merely combs? Environmental Biology of Fishes 87(3): 205-216

Manjakasy J, Day, RD, Kemp A, Tibbetts IR (2009). Functional morphology of digestion in the stomachless, piscivorous needlefishes Tylosurus gavialoides and Strongylura leiura ferox (Teleostei: Beloniformes). Journal of Morphology, 270 10: 1155-1165

Kruck NC, Chargulaf CA, Saint-Paul U, Tibbetts IR (2009). Early post-settlement habitat and diet shifts and the nursery function of tidepools during Sillago spp. recruitment in Moreton Bay, Australia. Marine Ecology – Progress Series. Volume: 384:207-219

Christiansen NA, Ward S, Harii S, Tibbetts IR. (2009) Grazing by a small fish affects the early stages of a post-settlement stony coral. Coral Reefs 28:47–51

Albert S, Udy JW, Tibbetts IR (2008) Responses of algal communities to gradients in herbivore biomass and water quality in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. Coral Reefs 27: 73-82

Professional Associations

  • Australian Marine Science Association

  • Australian Society for Fish Biology

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