Kimberley Dinosaurs
Dr Steven Salisbury recently featured on Catalyst (ABC-1, 8pm, 4/10/12) promoting his research on 130 million year old dinosaur tracks at James Price Point, north of Broome, in the remote Kimberley region of WA. Steve and his team, in collaboration with local dinosaur enthusiasts and Goolarabooloo Traditional Custodians, show Catalyst's Mark Horstman spectacular new dinsosaur tracks that have never been revealed before. Despite their scientific and cultural significance, these tracks and the pristine coastline on which they occur are currently under threat from a massive industrial development that has been proposed by the Western Australian Government, Woodside Petroleum and its Joint Venture Partners. The future of this $35 billion LNG precinct currently hangs in the balance, with decisions to approve or stop it by State and Federal Governments imminent. If it is allowed to go ahead, many of the dinosaur tracks at James Price Point will be destroyed, and others in the area placed at increased risk in the absence of any clear management plan for their ongoing protection.
Dr Steven Salisbury - Catalyst 4/10/12

The carbonate balance of coral reefs under a range of climate scenarios
Associate Professor Sophie Dove, You Tube 11/03/2012

How research is changing Broome pearls
Dr Carmel McDougall - You Tube August 2012

Students explore Australia's Marine Environment
Students enrolled in MARS2005 Australia's Marine Environment are given the opportunity to explore Heron Island and its surrounding coral reefs.
MARS2005 23/04/2012

Flood-ravaged turtles released in Moreton Bay
A University of Queensland biological researcher has led the Moreton Bay release of four turtles that suffered starvation and illness from the January floods.
Dr Kathy Townsend 1/12/2011

Do Marine Protected Areas work

Professor Hugh Possingham - You Tube 18/08/2011

Can we save the tiger with mathematics, 2011 L’Oreal FWIS
Dr Eve McDonald-Madden - You Tube 2011

Snail prey
Snail prey is larger than predator A voracious predator that devours prey larger than itself has been found lurking beneath Queensland’s golden sandy beaches.
Thomas Huelsken - You Tube 02/08/2011

Keeping turtles on track
A PhD student with a passion for protecting Queensland's biodiversity is helping secure the future of the Mary River turtle after recently releasing over 20 juvenile turtles into the wild as part of ongoing research.
Mariana Di Campbell 16/06/2011

Study abroad UQ, Queensland Australia
Fraser Island
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