Dr David Booth

  • Investigations of the influence of temperature on the energetics of development in ectotherms. Experimental animals can include bird eggs, reptile eggs, frog larvae, fish, insects and other invertebrates
  • Any projects relating to thermal biology of animals including ectotherms & endotherms, vertebrates and invertebrates
  • Any projects examining the process of respiratory gas exchange (i.e. exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide), or the effects of changing concentrations of these gases on animals

Dr Lyn Cook

  • Species richness and diversity of gall-inducing scale insects.
  • Modelling distribution and host-use in eucalypt leaf beetles.
  • Understanding host-use in galling insects
  • Coevolution of endosymbionts and scale insects
  • Are caves refugia for glowworms? (with Dave Merritt)

Dr Tom Cribb

  • Is the fish trematode Thulinia microrchis the least specific trematode or a species complex?
  • Are the trematode larvae in toadfish in a trophic transmission dead-end?

Prof Craig Franklin

  • Designing fish-friendly culverts: Integration of fish swimming performance with hydrodynamics
  • Effects of ultraviolet radiation on larval amphibians
  • Life in low pH environments: the physiology of acid-tolerant frogs
  • Environmental drivers of immune function in frogs
  • Thermal physiology of fish and assessing the impacts of cold water pollution

A/Prof Bryan Fry

  • Evolution of venom systems from across the animal kingdom, ranging from Arctic & Antarctic octopuses to the Komodo dragon to Vampire bats

Dr Janet Lanyon

  • Impacts of dugong grazing on seagrass communities
  • Long term variation in diets of dugongs

A/Prof David Merritt

  • Are caves refugia for glowworms? (with Lyn Cook)

Dr Steve Salisbury

Dinosaur tracks of the Broome Sandstone, Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia. Multiple projects available (funded through our current ARC Discovery grant)

  • Description and interpretation of new sauropod dinosaur fossils from the Winton Formation of central-western Queensland
  • Evolution of Australian Mesozoic crocodilians — description and interpretation of new fossils from the Winton Formation of central-western Queensland
  • Evolution of Australasian Cenozoic crocodilians — investigating the demise of mekosuchines and the rise of Crocodylus during the Plio-Pleistocene
  • Activation of the axial musculature during high-walking in crocodilians (dependant on access to animals and time to set up permits)
  • Biomechanics of lung ventilation in crocodilians (dependant on access to animals and time to set up permits)
  • Osteoderm development and bone growth Crocodylus porosus (dependant on access to animals and time to set up permits)
  • Freshwater fishes from the Winton Formation of central-western Queensland — description and interpretation of new fossils

Dr Berndt Janse van Rensburg

  • Use invertebrates to compliment bio-condition assessment of mine vegetation rehabilitation.
  • Threatened Kroombit tinker frog
  • How does the configuration of remnant vegetation within pine plantations influence bird community composition?
  • Fire impacts on Glossy Black Cockatoo feeding habitat on Kangaroo Island, South Australia

A/Prof Gimme Walter

  • Generalist herbivores and their interactions with host plants
  • How do volatile chemicals and vision influence host plant relationships of herbivores?
  • Investigating host relationships for biological control (herbivores or parasitoids)
  • Cryptic species complexes and sexual communication in insects
  • Host associations and natural enemies of date palms in Alice Springs(there is financial support for this work)
  • Pollination mechanisms, with a possible project on cucurbit pollination by native insects in the Northern Territory
  • Will our woodland undestorey ultimately be dominated by high-biomass African grasses? (Wiith CSIRO)
  • "Phytoplasmas, insect vectors and legumes" - this is a joint project with Karyn Johnson, Gimme Walter and Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Please contact Karyn (karynj@uq.edu.au) or Gimme (g.walter@uq.edu.au) to discuss details and application.

Dr Vera Weisbecker

  • Understanding the impact of different temperature regimes on the development and adult morphology of water dragons?
  • Eco-Evo-Devo of geckos vs. pygopods: Limb loss, paedomorphosis, and how quickly can development change?
  • Brain development in altricial vs. precocial rodents – do guinea pig brains grow differently to rat brains?
  • Evolution of the marsupial vertebral column: using cutting-edge 3D geometric morphometrics to test whether development trumps function
  • Skull shape variation in monotremes: are specialised mammals locked into their skull shape?

Dr Robbie Wilson

  • Escape behaviour and performance of small mammals
  • Ecotoxicology of small mammals on Groote Eylandt
  • Optimal performance in human athletes
  • Conservation ecology of small mammals

Prof Myron Zalucki

  • Pollen feeding in adult Lepidoptera: getting a nitrogen fix
  • Food utilisation efficiency in neonates of a polyphagous caterpillar
  • Optimal foraging in Lepidopteran larvae - or sabotaging the right meal size
  • Egg size and survival of first instar caterpillars on host plants
  • Population dynamics and resource use - is there empty suitable habitat for folivorous insects?
  • *Metapopulation dynamics and the matrix revisited